Latest Tips for Home Interior Design in 2018

Latest Tips for Home Interior Design in 2018

In today’s world, your home is your sanctuary. After an intense day of work, nothing feels better than going back to your cozy space to meet your loved ones. It is even better when you give your place the look and style that suits your taste. Look for decorating ideas? Stay ahead of the pack and check the upcoming trends. There are quite a few interior luxury design trends by interior decorators in Mumbai that are chic and hip for 2018.
Check the below mentioned hottest trends of home interior design for 2018:

1. Bare brick and raw interiors are trendier than ever. Bars, pubs, restaurants, and even hotels reach out to bare brick to achieve a vintage and authentic atmosphere.

2. Mandala-inspired decorations are on the rise! These beautiful Buddhist inspired designs have made their way into clothing successfully but they are yet to conquer homes and interior design. Many passionate travelers are well aware of the beauty of mandalas but other homeowners are yet to get on board. Hang your mandala on the wall or decorate your sofa. New ideas by interior decorators in Mumbai pop up all the time!

3. Small and movable gardens slowly evolve to a mandatory chore for millennials. Truth is, most millennials live on rent and thus move a lot, and that’s why an easy-to-relocate garden is becoming an ever more affordable choice.

4.  Prepare for natural-mineral-inspired ideas such as terracotta and cork and forget about common tile patterns. This upcoming trend suggested by interior decorators in Mumbai brings a dash of comfort, warmth, and texture in your home. Natural minerals are one of the many steps to making a home more nature-friendly.

5. The younger the generation, the more minimalistic they are with “stuff,” which is not only good for them as individuals but good for the planet and its limited resources. Tiny house living, and valuing experiences and quality time over stuff can be both liberating and good for physical and mental health. When there is space, there is an opportunity, so living minimally can keep you in the flow of life’s opportunities thereby maximizing your “LIFETIME.”

7. The trend interior decorators in Mumbai, believe we will see using more natural materials. This is fallout from the minimalism/get-in-touch-with-quality-of-life movement for sure, but also could be a trend simply due to the vast number of natural “disasters” in 2017. When life swings one way, there is sure to be a counter-balancer to follow.

8. Ceilings will be seen. From creative moldings, interesting coffers, to fantastic paint and plaster treatment. Without a ceiling treatment no room will be completely finished.

9. Black and Chiaroscuro details. From painted walls and gorgeous wall coverings to area rugs and custom millwork, finding a cozy space in your home that is inviting, sexy and dark imbues a sensuality that really makes you want to stay at home.

10. Turning an unused room or bedroom into a master closet. Let’s face it, we accumulate way too many clothes, shoes, bags, accessories. We have large wardrobes and most closets in standard homes are jam-packed. I’m seeing a lot of purposeful and thoughtful storage applications that any homeowner can incorporate into a closet system.

11. Freestanding tubs or garden tubs. Time is precious and the bath represents a luxury we all covet right now. Time away from the hustle and bustle and more importantly, time away from our devices and screens, allowing us a sliver of more time to relax and dream.

12. Art Deco and Art Nouveau has flirted with us a few times and may be coming in for the long embrace. Yes, those pastels and curvy curves are coming back. Stylized three-legged armchairs, channel tufting, glamorous velvet fabrics paired with shiny metals like Brass and Rose Gold. Beautifully carved wood fireplace mantels that look as fluid as marble carved.

13. The heart of the home will become even more colorful. From cabinetry to major appliances, there are so many ways to add personality to your kitchen and take it to the next level. Even for those people that would hesitate to add an emerald green range might take the leap to a small dose of punchy color in the faucet instead.

14. Artisanal touches. Items crafted by hand in metal, textile or wood, add instant warmth to these modern gray spaces we are seeing everywhere. Not only do they add textural and visual appeal, they may also be used and viewed as art. Interior decorators in Mumbai have been seeing more and more artisans using everyday objects and turning them into amazing showpieces.

15. Interior decorators in Mumbai are seeing a big trend for black & white with gold detail. They’re in love with this combination as black and white is a very powerful & classic color combo and with the addition of gold it certainly gives it a very luxurious look.
For interior design trends another prediction in 2018 is the channel back. Seeing a lot of amazing versions of Channel back chairs and we are so ready to incorporate this trend in our residential projects in the new year. What we love about this trend is that it is a unique way of adding a design element somewhere unexpected.