5 Easy Ways To Personalize Your Space

5 Easy Ways To Personalize Your Space

A well-known designer gave words to the feeling we all have, but are unable to express as simply and aptly when he said

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love”

Home, house, residence…all these words invoke a warm and fuzzy feeling in every person’s heart. After all this is a place, where we can truly be ourselves and live the way we want to. No pretentions, no façade to maintain and no feelings to fake. We can laugh till it hurts, cry our hearts out, sing, dance and do whatever we like.

If our homes are so special, so personal, then why should one be the exact copy of another? Of course, a house will be built on four walls, have doors and windows, a roof to cover, but so does a hotel and an office. What differentiates your home from all the other buildings? Yes, it’s you who make it special and hence the need for personalized home décor.

As one of the most reputed interior designers in Kolkata, we understand that each house is unique just like every person is unique. And this uniqueness, this personalization of your space is what makes your house a home, a place that reflects your style, your likes and is a source of unending happiness.

Here are our top 5 picks of the ideas that you can use for your very own personalized Home Décor.

  1. Colour Palette

Just as all of us have a unique personality, we all have our own taste for colours. Some like it light and elegant, whereas some like it bright and expressive. Whatever is your choice, it is the first aspect of your personal space that anyone will notice. So go ahead, choose a colour palette of your liking and display a side of your personality without uttering a word. We would love to take you through a range of colour palettes to take your pick.

  1. Lighting

Now that you have chosen the colour palette, next very easy and extremely effective tool to personalize your space is the lighting you choose for it. Do you like the brightly lit spaces that allow you to indulge in your favourite activities, or is dim and reflective more of your style? A very personal choice, the correct lighting set up can make or break the time you spend in your space and hence should be chosen carefully. With our experience as residential interior designers in Kolkata and Mumbai, we will be happy to assist you in choosing the lighting of your choice.

  1. Cozy Corner

Once you have chosen the colour palette and correct lighting, would you really like to leave your space? And if not, why not take it a notch further. Go ahead and create a cozy corner for yourself, where you can indulge in your passion, do something that you absolutely love doing. So if you are a bibliophile, go ahead, create a reading nook for yourself. Love to play an instrument, make a corner dedicated for your instrument. Enjoy watching movies, create a space where you can relax while watching your favourite movies. How do you design these spaces? Allow us! It’ll be our pleasure!

  1. Memories

What’s the most special thing about your personal space? Of course, the memories that you create! And how can your personalized home décor be complete without a home for your memories! Lots and lots of it. So if you love capturing the moments, go ahead create a photo wall. Want to keep all the memories of your travels, make space for all the knick knacks you picked up during your journeys. Kids growing up too fast? Why not have a dedicated area to cherish their memories – their first step, the first drawing on the wall, their first greeting card for you, the first prize they won…the list can be endless.

  1. Accessories

Last but not the least have a space for all the accessories you love – pillows, cushion covers, rugs, candles, flowers – you think it, we do it! That’s why we are one of the best interior designers in Kolkata; after all we understand your world.