Tips to Take Care of Your Home in This Monsoon

Tips to Take Care of Your Home in This Monsoon

The word “Rain” evokes so many feelings. The smell of the first raindrops, the sounds of the pitter patter raindrops, the sight of raindrops racing each other down windows and the greenery all around, the taste of the coffee while enjoying the rainfall and the ultimate feeling of dancing in the rain, getting fully drenched – this one phenomenon impacts all the senses of a person. There is always a romance associated with the monsoons – be it missing your loved ones, reading your favorite books covered in the comfortable blanket or watching the children play in the muddy puddles.

But with so many happy emotions associated with it, there is an equal number of unpleasant associations with the rains. Muddy footprints all over your floor, mosquitoes and other disease-carrying insects, puddles of water, creaky doors and worst of all the stink all around! Eww…all the happy feelings seem to vanish after the first three or four showers.

But it need not be the same always. We at Neelanjan Gupto Design Co. (Interior designer in Andheri), bring you some effective monsoon home care tips for your beloved home.

Pre Monsoon Checks

Here are some essentials to be undertaken even before the start of the rains to ensure monsoon home maintenance

  1. Electrical Wiring Check – This can be the biggest safety risk during the incessant Mumbai monsoons. Get all your electrical wiring checked for any cuts or damages and get as much of the wiring concealed as possible.
  2. Garden Check – Ensure that your garden is trimmed and rid of all the unwanted growths before the monsoons start. Also clear all the paths from weeds to avoid slipping during the rains. Branches of any big trees need to be trimmed to avoid their breaking and falling due to heavy rains.
  3. House Structure Check – Get the entire house checked thoroughly by a professional. Any cracks in the doors, windows, wooden panels, walls etc. need to be identified and filled up to avoid water coming in through these during the rains.
  4. Waterproofing – The walls and the roof of the house need to be waterproofed if not done earlier, before the rains start. This will help avoid the seepage of water during heavy monsoons.

During Monsoon Essentials

So you have taken all the care you could before the rains arrived and now the rainy season is here. Go ahead, enjoy the season and the madness while it lasts. At the same time follow the below mentioned monsoon home care tips to have an enjoyable time!

  1. Go Light – No, we do not mean redo the entire décor of your home (though, if you want to we are just around the corner!), but a little re-jig can actually give you the happy vibes.
    • Take down the heavy curtains and replace them with lighter and brighter ones. Easy to maintain and a fresher look!
    • Roll up your expensive carpets, rugs, table cloths, sofa covers and secure them for the season in a dry manner. Use lighter materials and brighter colours to give your home décor a seasonal flair. You can even use bamboo or cane mats to change the entire aesthetics during the monsoons.
  2. Feel the freshness – During the rains, when everything appears so fresh, why should your home be any different.
    • Have mosquito nets installed, so that you can keep the doors and windows open for proper ventilation.
    • Proper ventilation avoids the dampness from building up and damaging your clothes and wooden furniture
    • Keep your furniture slightly away from the walls to avoid moisture from transferring to them
  3. Enjoy the season – Enjoy the rains while they last! After all, once they get over, it will be a long wait for the monsoons to return
    • Ensure there are no puddles or stored water, to avoid breeding of mosquitoes and other insects
    • Place wind chimes on the doors or windows to welcome the fresh air with some soothing sounds
    • Keep all your plants outdoors for them to get natural air, water and sunshine as well as to avoid dampness indoors during the rains.

With our experience in residential interior design, we can say following these easy tips, your home will always be monsoon ready!