05 Interior Designing Tips to Create a Splendid Office Library

Now that you have set up your dream company and its growing really at an exponential rate, isn’t it time for an addition that makes sharing ideas, knowledge and plans more convenient and streamlined. Or if you are responsible for the local branch of a multinational company, this is one place, addition of which will definitely add a lot of value to your organization. Yes, we are talking about libraries.

The word library conjures up images of walls after walls filled with shelves carrying books, every available space covered with books, magazines and other materials and the biggest restriction – maintaining silence at all times. Dreadful enough for schools and colleges, why carry it over to offices; that too in this digital era! As one of the most respected Commercial Interior designers in Mumbai, we’ve heard this many times.

As the world transforms into a digital one, the concept of libraries is also changing. With our extensive experience as Commercial Interior Designers in Kolkata, we at Neelanjan Gupto Design Co. look at libraries slightly differently. Libraries have become a place of knowledge sharing and idea exchange, rather than merely an area to dump more books. This concept becomes even more prominent in case of Office Libraries, since every office thrives on the knowledge generated and shared within its occupants.

So now in our aim to provide holistic solutions to our clients as an experienced Commercial Interior Designer in Mumbai, we have collated a few tips that can make all the difference in your office library becoming a thriving community space or just a dump yard of any material you would care to throw in.

  • Pull Not Push

Human beings by nature do not like to be pushed into anything. And if it is about being pushed amidst a whole lot of books in a claustrophobic environment, they are actually going to run for their life! How do you make them visit the library, you are so carefully curating for your organization? Trust our experience as Commercial Interior Designers in Kolkata that can make your office library into a buzzing and happening corner of your office space.

The main point here being, the people should be pulled into the library. And the interior design of the location can be a significant factor in pulling in the people. Be it the correct usage of your brand colours, the planned placement of digital and physical information, the furniture, use of graphics and graffiti – every single detail needs the touch of a commercial interior designer who understands the concept.

  • Build to Last

Building a space and maintaining it are two totally different things. And when you are building something so powerful, it makes sense not to have it modelled only on a current fad. Because as soon as the fad is over, you will have to re-design the entire place as per the latest trend.

It has been our experience as Commercial Interior Designers in Mumbai and Kolkata that certain classic ideas are never out of fashion. Like a classic colour theme. All you then need is minimum customization (of the correct elements) as per the current trend to give the place a contemporary feel, without undertaking major remodelling.

  1. Something for Everyone

You’ve put in a lot of investment to build your office library but no one uses it – not a happy scenario! But why are people avoiding the place? Because the youngsters think it is a place for the old people, what with the overload of books. And the older people think it is too bright and colourful for reading without destruction.

The advice from the leading commercial interior designers in Mumbai would be to ensure, there is something for everyone and that is apparent from the design.

       2.Concentration is the Key

The acoustics and the lighting of the library need to be carefully planned and designed in order to give the optimum learning experience. Be it by reading, watching a video or having an involved discussion without interrupting others.

      3.Celebrating Knowledge

This is the main focus of a library and can be achieved by a Wall of Fame, stage for sharing knowledge and other options to celebrate knowledge.