There are many people who don’t even know what a contemporary architecture is. Well, it is simply the present day architecture.

This definition can easily confuse anyone as they might think that the building that has been constructed recently is an example of such design which clearly is not.

Contemporary architecture is the one with the principle shared by everyone practicing it – the affinity to design and build the things varying from the ones that were made in the past and usually are made today.

It simply has the aim of breaking the standard processes and thinking ways, and creating something innovative.

As this is the case, there are some reasons that people need to know about contemporary designs and the reason why they have to choose best residential interior designers in Mumbai as well.


You should not confuse contemporary architecture with an architectural movement which is normally associated with precise historical period.

Since architectural movement is something else than contemporary architecture, it doesn’t mean to constraint. It simply means that this architecture can offer many architectural choices that stand different from the ones that are normally done.

However, these high levels of variety simply don’t stop various common traits from being observable. In the architecture, the dominant line is the straight one whereas the contemporary architecture distances itself from the habit of doing so and opts for the curved lines.

In some cases, only curved lines are used whereas in some, straight and curved lines are both used. Commercial interior designers in Mumbai are the best in what they do whatever the case is.


When the curved lines are used, it becomes possible to form spaces that are not just cubes, as the case is usually in the straight lines. So, buildings with the shapes that are rounded are what are seen.

The composition of the buildings allows the interior living spaces’ creation with the layouts that are unusual.

Contemporary design is just perfect for the ones who like the idea of living in a space that is just nonstandard and loves to flaunt the difference that a person has.


The usage of the new materials in the contemporary architecture, whether it is for exterior or interior is another feature.

Usually the materials like brick, glass, metals, and wood are used. In the contemporary architecture, plants have some value as well, especially on roofs and on walls as well.

A vertical garden can be grown and this will look really good like a new trend.

Another thing that is a characteristic is plentiful and larger windows. Different types of windows can give a great look to the place.


There is one characteristic which is not restricted to this architecture – eco-housing. Many sustainable components are incorporated in the buildings that can help in energy efficiency.

But in contemporary architecture, these are the must required elements. The use of heat pumps, photo-voltaic cells, etc is considered as well.

The purpose for using these things is not just the protection of the surroundings from disturbance but to turn them in such an architectural element that can give a special and its own character.

If you want to help the environment and are really worried about green house effect, then this architecture will help you in satisfaction because the home you will build will be far from exceeding the current environmental standards.


It is basically a name that is used for another characteristic of the contemporary architecture that exists in various forms like projections on facades, sophisticated exterior building lighting, and more which are capable to have an interaction with the users of the buildings, and of course water, that has been appeared in different forms like waterfalls, and jets of water that might be colored as well.

The idea is simple – to make the building look living and breathing.

These were some of the reasons why the customers need to know about contemporary designs because if they will not, then they will be confused all along and will not understand the importance and difference of contemporary architectural.