Wallpapering Tips for the Adventurous Homeowner

A home is the one last place at the end of the day where you want it to be just wonderful and beautiful after a day full of stress and agony. Needless to say that the colour inside of your house should be matching your style and give you the positivity that you always wish to have. Hence in this article, we are going to discuss several different tips and tricks that each one can try in order to know the right kind of wallpaper that would suit your style and also which one would go best according to your house. There are many different kinds of wallpapers out there such that it can literally mean something to you. It could mind changing or give you the fell of simplicity at all times. Colours do matter and thus wallpapers provide it for you. Hence let’s get started upon the tips on how you can choose the perfect wallpaper and how it can be useful. Let’s get cracking.

Tips on choosing the right kind of wallpapers.

An adventurous person would want something that would keep them going and remind them about what travelling and trying out extreme things on a day to day life means to them. Hence below are given some of the important tips and tricks that you could choose from.  Take a look.

Hand screened wallpapers – this kind of option comes at a price such that it can really be expensive and also can cause a big hole in your wallet. But then, needless to say, these kinds of wallpapers actually make it worthwhile for you to be energetic at all times. An adventurous person would love this kind of finish mainly because of the fact that the texture and the finish is something that would remind them about a beautiful place or sport that they tried. Few of the best interior designers of Mumbai happen to implement these styles of wallpapers in order to boost up the overall tranquillity of the house.

Choosing the right colour – the colour plays an important role mainly because of the fact that colour either can cheer up your mood and give you the edge over being happy at all times or it can mess up your mind and bring loads of negativity that can be harmful. Either way for a person who loves to travel and have good vibes all across them, choosing subtle but yet light colors to make the difference by making everything really nice and pleasant enough to be called adventurous.

Not only walls but the ceilings also up for grabs for colour – many people do tend to forget that the ceiling also should be coloured and should blend in with the kind of surrounding that you might have. Each walls portraits some different experience of your life and the colours of your wallpapers should resonate with the ceilings such that the blend shouldn’t be broken whatsoever. Top interior designers happen to have the best in class tastes into what colour should each all be painted or covered up with which kind of artefact. Such talents are hard to come by and should be kept in mind if you are a person of adventure and culture.

Add some drama and effects to bland places – every home has this one spot where you can neither find the excitement nor can you even find the happiness through which you can be happy or even satisfy yourself into making it that great. Hence try to mix it with a bit of colour and patterns such that it makes a difference in day to day life and not have you roaming about with a dull face but the positivity is always contained.

The Concept of Interior Design On a Tight Budget

Designing a house can be difficult and very expensive as well. But then getting the house built and designed properly can be very time to consume as well. Regardless of that getting the interiors just right is another feat of engineering such that we literally can never predict as to how high the bills might escalate. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss the various different concepts on how people can design their interiors for a tight budget and have the most modernized look and feel with half the costs. Hence without further ado, let us get started.

Getting the design right

Getting the interior right can’t be perfect on the first go. There are many parameters that play a vital role in order to get everything right and also make it perfect. Therefore, we have listed out several things that you can try. Take a look.

Plan before you start

Before you happen to begin anything, try to get a basic idea of what is to be done and how you are going to go about it. Try to indulge as much as possible with the interiors that you would want and look out for things that could be useful for you in the long run which costs very less. Try to plan well in advance such that you know what is right for you and what seems to be the best for you. Try to be innovative with design and make it complete with different things to incorporate it beautifully. Interior design firms have such plans that you can approach in order to get the interior makeover started. But doing this by yourself makes it cost effective in the long run.

Salvage whatever you can.

Try to reuse whatever you can from the old things that you have. Try not to go overboard on spending several things as this makes no sense whatsoever and can burn a hole in your wallet as the costs mount up. Furthermore, using things that you once had makes it way better on the long run and can be used for something else as well such that you don’t have to spend anything extra on one particular item over and over again.

Priority is a must.

Give preference to the things that need the most work to be done. Furniture and other items that appear to be old can be made new with fillers that can be polished and reused all over again. Regardless of which you should get the vital things replaced such that you have a cluster of both old and new and giving you the most definitive look of all times and not make it look different from any angle. Interior designers of Kolkata happen to make all this possible by giving you a reduced, cost-effective yet simple advice to get things done in the best way possible and not make a hole in your wallet as well.

Second hand is the best.

Second-hand furniture happens to be the way to go for when you are on a tight budget mainly because of the fact that you can get things cheaper and also you can salvage them to your own use. Try not to overspend and make it as minimalist as possible and keep the things that you buy with utmost cost. Also keep in mind that when you happen to go second hand, try to look out for signs of damage as there are many areas where you might find defects. But if you are lucky you might come close to something that is in proper condition and half of the price of that what you might find in a showroom.

The Best Plants for Office Sprucing

Offices are one of the major things in life that bring in your daily income and also bread on the table. Its often considered that happiness to life starts from here and also brings in a whole lot of problems in life as well. There are many things people do in order to spice things up in their offices in order to make it an entirely new look. Some use paintings, while others use artefacts to bring life to the office space. But then plants are considered to be the best and also bring in a whole lot of positivity as well such that you can have the best of working space and also be at your best throughout your working hours. Hence let’s take a look at the different plants that are suitable for office spaces. Let’s get started.

Which are the best office plants?

There are a number of office plants that you can choose from such that you can have the best of both worlds at all times. The simplicity of the pant and the hurdles of office work. Therefore, let us take a closer look at them.

  • Croton – These are plants with huge stems and leaves such that they bring shade and a sense of peacefulness in your entire office. They don’t take up much space but then make it really helpful in making the office work area come to life. Also vibrant in nature, they don’t require much. A window facing position and water is all it needs. Most of the interior designers happens to use these plants as an artifact such that it helps to elevate the vibrancy of the room and also bring in life as well.
  • Kalanchoe – If you are a person that loves having plants that are small, cute and vibrant, then these varieties are the best for you. Mainly because of the fact that they sport huge leaves but then bursts of small buds as well. Mainly grows in yellow in color, other options are also available.
  • Amaryllis – every wanted a tall plant that happens to have flowers at its end? Then these plants are just for you and your office workspace. They are long and thin such that they don’t take up much space and are really easy to handle as well. Don’t require any kind of protection, just water them on a daily places and a sunny placement and you are good to go.
  • Small Cacti – well these are the best for office workplaces mainly because of the fact that these cacti plants happen to be small and also really strong in nature. They can survive up to days without ever being watered and also bloom flowers if watered and taken care of regularly. Somewhat like nurturing a child in your office but on a daily basis. Top interior designers in Mumbai have these plants on any list of makeovers that they might have to do to the interiors such that they give a whole new offset to beautifulness and awesomeness at all times.
  • Sansevieria – they are often known as the mother in laws tongue or spike plant, they are often the best that you can have at your office workspace and also have the best in class durability for plants. They have tall leaves that grow straight and never are they found to be short in size. They bloom flowers and also keep a quite distinctive look as well. Watering them will give you optimum results at all times.

Most Stunning Designer Furniture Pieces

Most Stunning Designer Furniture Pieces.

Furniture plays an important role in making the aesthetics of the house look wonderful from the inside and also give the sense of sophistication at all times. Not only this but then if you were to have a futuristic design to this furniture’s than you can just be spellbound upon the beauty that it has to offer. Hence in this article, we are going to take a close look into the world of stunning furniture’s pieces that could literally make a difference in the all-around aesthetic point of view of your interior. Therefore, without further ado, let us get started.

Most stunning furniture prices.

The 21st century has bought along some innovative ideas and thoughts into furniture designing that it is breathtaking to see them in action and also get a feel about them. Out of the many pieces, few of the best are given below. Take a look.

    •    The expandable capstan table – this table exceeds everyone’s expectations mainly because of the fact that it saves up a lot of space by its engineering feat of design. The table itself happens to be small and circular. But when you rotate the table, it expands into a bigger table giving room for more people and more items to be incorporated on the table. Modern interior designers in Vashi have adopted such technological feet of furniture pieces such that it makes it easier to design the overall interior features of a house.
    •    The staircase storage – to save up space and even make it look appealing to the eyes, designers have come up with some brilliant ideas of incorporating staircases with storage compartments such that each step becomes a storage unit which can be accessed through drawers. Furthermore, you might be wondering as to how to access the top drawers, then pull out the bottom ones that can act like stairs such that you climb on them and gain full access to the top shelves. Ingenious, isn’t it? Also, top interior designers of Navi Mumbai are trying to get these design into several houses through their contacts to have people modernize the place that they live in.
    •    The evolution door – this door mainly feels and looks like a door from some kind of science fiction movie. Mainly because of the fact that it resembles some kind of origami piece being converted into a door. Each piece of the door happens to move upon its own weight such that just a slight push from one end can see the door close onto another. Magnificent, indeed.
    •    Flap pool table – if you are living in some kind of constrained place, then this furniture is just for you. Pool often requires another table for the balls to move around. But then incorporating a sitting room table and the pool table saves time and also gives you ample space to do a whole lot more than just get another table. Therefore, it sure does makes it an ingenious idea of having a pool table underneath a normal sitting room table but just flaps that open and close to reveal the pool table.
  •    All in one bed – well this bed is something that incorporates everything that you might want to have in one single room. It can be a sofa to sit on, a bed to sleep on, a dining table, a sitting place and many other things such that you can have the best of everything despite not having anything. There is a whole lot of free space that you can use while having this one single piece of craftsmanship and even a coffee table is also included. The best kind of furniture for congested places and a modern take to revamp the overall look and feel of the home.

10 Reasons to Love Contemporary Interior Design

10 Reasons to Love Contemporary Interior Design.

Contemporary is the new form of designing anything from accessories to houses, its got everything covered. But then at times, you tend to wonder that why should anyone love this form of design and what prevails people to even fall for it. Therefore, let us talk more on this and see as to why each and every one of us should love the contemporary interior design. Let’s get started.

Reasons to love the contemporary interior design.

There are several reasons as to why anyone would want to love contemporary design mainly because of the fact that it allows you to be more flamboyant in what you want to express and various other things as well. Therefore, let us take a look at the different reasons to love the style.

    •    Simple lines – having straight but yet strong lines such that it makes it as simple as possible is the soul and heart of the overall base of the design. It might not be the same as others, but then contemporary happens to revolve mostly on simpler things that speak volumes. Most of the top interior designers in Mumbai happens to replicate most of their designs through this factor.
    •    Art and touches – well what this means to say is that the addition of art and other kinds of subtle touches makes it really simple and yet more fancy in many levels. Thus contemporary can be enhanced by doing less that speaks aloud. Interior decorators in thane west happen to have one of these factors in their agenda while designing something contemporary such that it can feasible for the customer to have the feeling of being sophisticated.
    •    Sleekness – contemporary brings about the sleekness and modernness of the overall base factor upon which it thrives to existence. Contemporary also brings in very minimalistic changes in the background such that the main region for showcasing class is found and embraced. Sleekness is one of the many factors that make the interiors look a whole lot more futuristic than ever before.
    •    Vintage touch – contemporary can be taken from any era. It can be either vintage and also pre-historic such that it makes it look really modern and high level. The reasons why you would want to love contemporary are the reasons that it blends in both modern and vintage such that it gives you the best of both worlds in so many different levels of satisfaction.
    •    Specified designs – loving contemporary design is a blissful experience where you can learn several different form factors that go in and around the art form itself. Furthermore, it adds on the style of it being adhered to your style and taste such that it can look both mid-century designed with a whole lot of modernized design factor.
    •    Unique furbishes – what this means to say is the contemporary interior designs can give you some of the best furniture’s and also bring in a whole lot of different styles that you can play around with. Thus making it really feasible for anyone to get the best of both worlds at all times.
    •    Flow – in contemporary interior design, the main factor upon which it actually is this crazy is the fact that the flow of contemporary happens to flow continuously throughout the house and the flow isn’t broken. You get the sense and feel of being sophisticated right from the time you step into the house thus making it really simple but yet so different.
  •    Neutral things mixed up with bright things – well this combination will really make you fall in love with contemporary as there are so many things happening in the colour part of things such as you never really know as to what you might fall in love with. It makes it really impressive and also gives you the overall choice of choosing things that you might have never tried before.

7 Things Customers Need to Know About Contemporary Design

7 Things Customers Need to Know About Contemporary Design.

Contemporary design is one of the best ways to express your feelings through the things around you. The design is what you are made of and the things that you do tells a story that you want people to see. Contemporary can be from anything that is simple to be very unique in the subtlest ways possible. Hence when you happen to look at houses or the interiors of people having these clean yet sophisticated look, that’s where doing less tells more. Having many things doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a contemporary look. But then doing less and giving more into the finish of the room tells the true story. Hence in this article, we are going to discuss the 7 basic things that a customer needs to realize about contemporary design and things the revolve around it. Let’s get started.

7 things about contemporary design that everyone should know.

Art can be of various form factor that depicting which one is the best can be difficult. Hence let’s take a look at the different form factor of contemporary design. Take a look.

  • Being different from the movement in culture – contemporary design is mainly the things that happen to be really different from what the actual trend it. As discussed earlier, having less tells more is the main concept of what is the end goal. But then in contemporary, adjusting the likes of society and blending into the current form factor is what contemporary actually means. Several of the interior designers in Mumbai happen to have this in mind before starting off their interior designing quests for homes.
  •    The form factor – having any kind of contemporary design inside or outside the building can be different in many ways possible. The design need not be curvy or groovy, but being straight and just blending in with the place around makes a whole new different statement that tells a million different things. Commercial interior designer in Kolkata happens to have this kind of styles into what they do such that contemporary is given a whole new meaning itself.
  •    Innovative material’s – particularly in contemporary design, there are several things that happens to comprise of this art such that you never really know what could be included in order to make it really feasible for the design to flourish. Usage of nature and plants takes things to a whole new level.
  •    Exterior feature – well contemporary design doesn’t necessarily have to be of one type but then it has to have several boundaries that it has to reach in order to be called as contemporary. Getting adjusted to the surroundings and also being really flamboyant and standing out makes it equally important in order to know the things required for the contemporary design.
  •    Sophistication – as discussed earlier, less speaks out volumes such that sophistication lies within and such degree of sophistication makes it equally diversify into making it the best possible way to achieve the target of being contemporary. Therefore, when the customer might be looking out for contemporary designs, then looking out for anything that is less in volume but tells many different things about sophistication and other kinds of things, then it comes under the category of contemporary.
  •    Contemporary from a different point of view – contemporary design actually helps in making the place much more reliable and good looking mainly because of the fact that achieving contemporary look can be difficult and also cause some really diverse changes to the things around you. Customers should always try to look out for things that could talk by itself and give the room a sense of depth and volume which makes it much better in many different ways.

06 Unique and Inspiring Commercial Interior Designing Ideas

Designing a home is never easy they say, with so many emotions attached to it and so many tastes to cater to. But what about designing commercial spaces? How easy or difficult is that? An area that generally is not the topic of discussions, but extremely important nonetheless. After all the average citizen would have double the interaction with a commercial space than with other residential places – be it a shopping mall, a hospital, their office or the train station. With our experience as one of the best Commercial interior designers in Mumbai, we at Neelanjan Gupto Design Co. take pride in our unique and inspiring interior designs for commercial spaces.

When you walk into someone’s home, it reflects so much about their personality, their sense of style and their choices. But when you walk into a corporate office, does it really reflect any of the above. Mostly (and sadly), the answer will be a big NO! The offices all look the same. Once you are inside and away from the façade, can you even identify which office are you in? The most painful part is that these very same companies try to achieve this very same effect by spending huge amounts on marketing strategies, brand building, advertising campaigns and miss the biggest opportunity. Our experience as Commercial Interior designers in Mumbai shows that this one touchpoint can really make or break a company’s entire brand building exercise at just a fraction of the cost.

So what are the options for these organizations? With our experience as one of the most respected commercial interior designers in Kolkata, we have created a list of some very unique interior designing ideas, which can make a huge impression on the minds of each visitor visiting the place.

  • Identify the soul of the place

Just like their residential counterparts, every commercial building has a soul of its own. A purpose for which it is built – amusement, service, recreation – every building has its own identity. Identifying it correctly is the first step in building the aura of the place. As any good commercial interior designer in Kolkata would tell you, the buildings there need to resonate with the culture of the people, whereas any commercial interior designer in Mumbai would say, it is the efficiency of the place that defines it.

  • Choose the colour palette

Once the purpose of the building is identified, the next important step is choosing the colour palette for the interior design. A hospital building, however cheerful should never be done in loud colours, where extremely sober colours will kill the fun vibe of a shopping mall. It is a critical decision to make, especially when designing the office spaces – should you go all out with the brand colours or mix certain other hues with the brand colour. A good commercial interior designer must definitely give weightage and time to this important decision.

  • Create a unique location

Even though the purpose and colour palette of a place are seriously thought through, there must be at least one location which makes the structure unique and stand out. Whether it is an installation, a bench out of repurposed wood or a selfie station. As experienced commercial interior designers in Mumbai, we cannot emphasize the importance of this enough. There are so many things that define a city and can be incorporated in a commercial building – like the installation of a Dabbawala outside a railway station will give it a distinctly Mumbai identity.

  • Make people the strength

The one thing common across all commercial buildings is the number of people visiting it every day. Why not utilize this commonness creatively to make it an integral part of the design. For example – if you look down from a higher floor, the people on the lower floor appear in a certain formation without even realizing it! That’s the power of interior design.

  • Open spaces, open spaces, open spaces

There can never be enough stress on the importance of Open Spaces in a commercial building as any commercial interior designer in Mumbai would tell you. It can be an amphitheatre, a recreation area or some extra space between shops in a mall.

05 Interior Designing Tips to Create a Splendid Office Library

Now that you have set up your dream company and its growing really at an exponential rate, isn’t it time for an addition that makes sharing ideas, knowledge and plans more convenient and streamlined. Or if you are responsible for the local branch of a multinational company, this is one place, addition of which will definitely add a lot of value to your organization. Yes, we are talking about libraries.

The word library conjures up images of walls after walls filled with shelves carrying books, every available space covered with books, magazines and other materials and the biggest restriction – maintaining silence at all times. Dreadful enough for schools and colleges, why carry it over to offices; that too in this digital era! As one of the most respected Commercial Interior designers in Mumbai, we’ve heard this many times.

As the world transforms into a digital one, the concept of libraries is also changing. With our extensive experience as Commercial Interior Designers in Kolkata, we at Neelanjan Gupto Design Co. look at libraries slightly differently. Libraries have become a place of knowledge sharing and idea exchange, rather than merely an area to dump more books. This concept becomes even more prominent in case of Office Libraries, since every office thrives on the knowledge generated and shared within its occupants.

So now in our aim to provide holistic solutions to our clients as an experienced Commercial Interior Designer in Mumbai, we have collated a few tips that can make all the difference in your office library becoming a thriving community space or just a dump yard of any material you would care to throw in.

  • Pull Not Push

Human beings by nature do not like to be pushed into anything. And if it is about being pushed amidst a whole lot of books in a claustrophobic environment, they are actually going to run for their life! How do you make them visit the library, you are so carefully curating for your organization? Trust our experience as Commercial Interior Designers in Kolkata that can make your office library into a buzzing and happening corner of your office space.

The main point here being, the people should be pulled into the library. And the interior design of the location can be a significant factor in pulling in the people. Be it the correct usage of your brand colours, the planned placement of digital and physical information, the furniture, use of graphics and graffiti – every single detail needs the touch of a commercial interior designer who understands the concept.

  • Build to Last

Building a space and maintaining it are two totally different things. And when you are building something so powerful, it makes sense not to have it modelled only on a current fad. Because as soon as the fad is over, you will have to re-design the entire place as per the latest trend.

It has been our experience as Commercial Interior Designers in Mumbai and Kolkata that certain classic ideas are never out of fashion. Like a classic colour theme. All you then need is minimum customization (of the correct elements) as per the current trend to give the place a contemporary feel, without undertaking major remodelling.

  1. Something for Everyone

You’ve put in a lot of investment to build your office library but no one uses it – not a happy scenario! But why are people avoiding the place? Because the youngsters think it is a place for the old people, what with the overload of books. And the older people think it is too bright and colourful for reading without destruction.

The advice from the leading commercial interior designers in Mumbai would be to ensure, there is something for everyone and that is apparent from the design.

       2.Concentration is the Key

The acoustics and the lighting of the library need to be carefully planned and designed in order to give the optimum learning experience. Be it by reading, watching a video or having an involved discussion without interrupting others.

      3.Celebrating Knowledge

This is the main focus of a library and can be achieved by a Wall of Fame, stage for sharing knowledge and other options to celebrate knowledge.

Tips to Take Care of Your Home in This Monsoon

Tips to Take Care of Your Home in This Monsoon

The word “Rain” evokes so many feelings. The smell of the first raindrops, the sounds of the pitter patter raindrops, the sight of raindrops racing each other down windows and the greenery all around, the taste of the coffee while enjoying the rainfall and the ultimate feeling of dancing in the rain, getting fully drenched – this one phenomenon impacts all the senses of a person. There is always a romance associated with the monsoons – be it missing your loved ones, reading your favorite books covered in the comfortable blanket or watching the children play in the muddy puddles.

But with so many happy emotions associated with it, there is an equal number of unpleasant associations with the rains. Muddy footprints all over your floor, mosquitoes and other disease-carrying insects, puddles of water, creaky doors and worst of all the stink all around! Eww…all the happy feelings seem to vanish after the first three or four showers.

But it need not be the same always. We at Neelanjan Gupto Design Co. (Interior designer in Andheri), bring you some effective monsoon home care tips for your beloved home.

Pre Monsoon Checks

Here are some essentials to be undertaken even before the start of the rains to ensure monsoon home maintenance

  1. Electrical Wiring Check – This can be the biggest safety risk during the incessant Mumbai monsoons. Get all your electrical wiring checked for any cuts or damages and get as much of the wiring concealed as possible.
  2. Garden Check – Ensure that your garden is trimmed and rid of all the unwanted growths before the monsoons start. Also clear all the paths from weeds to avoid slipping during the rains. Branches of any big trees need to be trimmed to avoid their breaking and falling due to heavy rains.
  3. House Structure Check – Get the entire house checked thoroughly by a professional. Any cracks in the doors, windows, wooden panels, walls etc. need to be identified and filled up to avoid water coming in through these during the rains.
  4. Waterproofing – The walls and the roof of the house need to be waterproofed if not done earlier, before the rains start. This will help avoid the seepage of water during heavy monsoons.

During Monsoon Essentials

So you have taken all the care you could before the rains arrived and now the rainy season is here. Go ahead, enjoy the season and the madness while it lasts. At the same time follow the below mentioned monsoon home care tips to have an enjoyable time!

  1. Go Light – No, we do not mean redo the entire décor of your home (though, if you want to we are just around the corner!), but a little re-jig can actually give you the happy vibes.
    • Take down the heavy curtains and replace them with lighter and brighter ones. Easy to maintain and a fresher look!
    • Roll up your expensive carpets, rugs, table cloths, sofa covers and secure them for the season in a dry manner. Use lighter materials and brighter colours to give your home décor a seasonal flair. You can even use bamboo or cane mats to change the entire aesthetics during the monsoons.
  2. Feel the freshness – During the rains, when everything appears so fresh, why should your home be any different.
    • Have mosquito nets installed, so that you can keep the doors and windows open for proper ventilation.
    • Proper ventilation avoids the dampness from building up and damaging your clothes and wooden furniture
    • Keep your furniture slightly away from the walls to avoid moisture from transferring to them
  3. Enjoy the season – Enjoy the rains while they last! After all, once they get over, it will be a long wait for the monsoons to return
    • Ensure there are no puddles or stored water, to avoid breeding of mosquitoes and other insects
    • Place wind chimes on the doors or windows to welcome the fresh air with some soothing sounds
    • Keep all your plants outdoors for them to get natural air, water and sunshine as well as to avoid dampness indoors during the rains.

With our experience in residential interior design, we can say following these easy tips, your home will always be monsoon ready!

A Stylish and Sophisticated Bed Room You will Want to Live In

A Stylish And Sophisticated Bed Room You Will Want To Live In

Want to start your day feeling fresh, all set for whatever the day has in store for you? Or looking to end your day on a relaxing and peaceful note after all the daily chores! But wait, why can you not have both? Whatever be your idea of Bedroom Décor, one thing is for sure, you will need the help of a specialist Residential Interior Designer.

Of course, anyone can give you Interior Design Ideas and tell you how they think the things should be, but that’s the difference between anyone and the Best. The best residential interior designers would always listen to your ideas for the interior design of your home and then incorporate them with their expertise to give you the most perfect designs, as per your taste.

Being the best residential interior designers in Mumbai comes with its set of responsibilities, and we at Neelanjan Gupto Design Co. take pride in the fact that our emphasis is on understanding our clients, their personality and their ideas for the interior designs of their homes. So that once we are through, the outcome is a reflection of their lifestyle, their choices and their personalities!

Also known as one of the best residential interior designers in Kolkata, our aim is to make sure that our clients are happy with their choice and our work as residential interior designers. And what better way to measure the comfort, than to look at the bedroom décor of a person. The one retreat for which we put all our efforts in whatever we do, to come back and relax in this cozy room.

Imagine coming back home after a long and tiring day. You had to really push yourself for that project you are working on. It required all your energy and concentration. Now that, you have accomplished it, you are completely exhausted. On top of it you had to brave the legendary Mumbai traffic. What do you want the most when you reach home after this? Of course, to lie down and relax! In your own space, doing that thing that you love – be it reading books, listening to music or watching movies. And we as the best residential designers in Mumbai, understand this totally. It is our job to understand this!

So when we meet, our first aim is to understand you. How your day is spent, how is your work and how would you like to relax once you are back home. Once, this is done and we start our work, we are sure you will like the Interior Design Ideas that we bring to the table. And the result of our collaboration on this extremely important facet of your daily life is going to be awesome.

We assure you that with our interior design ideas and your trust in us, we can create bedrooms that reflect your sophisticated sense of style. A calm and peaceful cocoon for you to recharge – that you would actually want to live in forever.

But is aesthetics all that we have to offer? Of course not! We take our job as residential interior designers very seriously and do understand that interior designs for homes are not just for aesthetics. This is a living, breathing space and the functionality is equally important if not more. That is the reason you will find our ideas for your bedroom décor extremely functional with the correct usage of space, lights, furniture, accessories and everything else to enhance your productivity. After all, this is the space your day starts and ends. And who can understand this better if not the best residential interior designers in Mumbai!

So, if you are into minimalist living or are looking for expansive and ornate bedrooms, do give us a try! We understand our clients and their satisfaction with our work is a testimony to the efforts that we put into making sure that their living is a comfortable one. A personalized corner out of your dreams for you to live in and dream on, that’s what we intend to create. We have done this for multiple clients earlier and would love to utilize our specialized experience to help you create one for yourself.