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Architecture Design

Space planning, Massing, Site Approval, Feasibility Studies, Soil Testing, Building Approval, Liasoning, HVAC design, Structural Design, Natural Lightning, Working Drawings, Design Engineering and MEP design.


Interior Design

Space Planning, Site measurement, Mood board presentation, furniture layout, 3D visualization, Conceptual sketches, Bill of Quantity, Panoramic Interior views, Working Drawing, Services Design, Quality check, Material specification, Shopping visits, and snag list.


Landscape Architecture

Shadow Study, Site Analysis, Site planning, hardscape design, Softscape Design, Material Pallet, Drainage design, Waterbody design, play area design, irrigation scheme, plant specification, aerial views, and outdoor lightening design.


Project Management

Progress meeting, project budget, program plan, master schedule, contract administration, consultant management, bid reviews, Tender Management, Cost optimization, cash flow projections, Cast organization, Value Engineering, Time Management, Quality control, progress report, and handover.


Turnkey Contracting

Shop Drawing, Bill of quantity, Composite quotation, finishes schedule, material specification, factory cut fit-outs, site measurement, Weekly progress report, Storage management, Snag rectification, Change request administration, quality check, and warranty certification.


Civil Construction

Storage and utilities management, site mobilization, site progress report, schedule optimization, strength test report, change request management health and safety standards, labor management, quality control and assurance, and sub-contractor management.

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Out of Box Unique Designs

We at Neelanjan Gupto Design Co pride ourselves by calling us the best interior designer in Ghatkopar. We have experts on our team who have had more than 10 years of experience under their belt in this field and are constantly working to provide you with fun, creative, quirky, and out of the box ideas that remains unmatched throughout the whole industry.

Best in Class Site Supervision

We are a group of interior designer in borivali who offers you the kind of creative and quirky work that is unmatched in all of the markets. Our work does not simply say fun and quirky but it has class written all over it. We offer you the best and the most luxurious work in all of the market.


We are amongst the best interior design firms in bandra and we work hard to provide you with the services the best services that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also stand the test of time and are of great quality. We never compromise with quality in all our work.

Structured and Clean Execution

We are the best interior designers in borivali west and Goregaon have not just been providing our customers with out of the box creative ideas but also with a finishing that is clean and structured to give put together all the work and make it more as a rather holistic part of the surroundings.

Hassle-Free and Friendly Project Coordination

We are the best interior designer in kandivali not because we let you sit out of the whole project but because we value your suggestions and work hard to seamlessly include those pieces of advice in the complete work. We are professional in our approach but we also love to talk and socialize.


We understand that time can play an important factor in any project and it is often the hallmark of a professional to deliver quality services in the mentioned time frame. We provide the best restaurant interior design and we always deliver our work on time no matter the scenario or any challenge that we might be facing.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various interior designers that specialize in various styles or tones which can help you in finding the best interior designer for your project however you should first be aware of how you want your project to finally look like. You do not need to have an exact picture of the whole place but a vague idea is the best place to start. You can also check out our blog on ‘how to find the right interior designer for you’ to better help you in this situation.

You are the best judge of how much you can or you are willing to spend. While there are some interior designers that would do the job for relatively low amount but it is important to remember that sometimes cheap might not be the right way to go and this thing goes for the other aspect too as there are interior designers that might charge you quite high and that might not necessarily mean that you will get a quality job done so your best bet is to decide on the price yourself and look for an interior designer who would be willing to work in that price range.

Concept designing is the starting phase of the project in which you and the interior designer would come up with a plan or sort of a drawing of how the place is going to look at the end and this process normally wouldn’t take long as most of the interior designers get the idea of how the place should be the first time they see it and after that the time taken for the actual completion of the project depends from one project to another as there are various factors that come into play like how big the place is, collection of all the materials, assembling, and various other steps but the important thing to remember is that your interior designer would sort of give you a tentative timeline in which they would be able to complete the whole project. Most professional interior designers tend to stick to that timeline and would only delay if there are some sort of unforeseeable circumstances or any other emergency that arose.

There is no sure shot way to achieve whichever vibe or style you are aiming for but the best way to achieve it is to find an interior designer who suits your needs and understands your personality. Also, an interior designer who understands your business and your target market is a big plus; also if that interior designer has completed similar projects then that would help you in understand his or her work better. Be sure not to rush the process and select the interior designer for your project after meeting and having a clear communication regarding your plan for the project or your needs or wants.

An interior designer is a person who would know how to best provide the perfect outlook for your place. It would make your workplace or your home stand out and give the best possible impression of you and your lifestyle. But apart from these practical reasons hiring an interior designer would reduce your workload and give you some extra time to breathe and not be under too much pressure with work all the time. You could use that extra time to relax, go out or just spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Not many people are aware of this but there is a difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator. An interior designer’s job is to understand your personality and somehow reflect that in your surrounding whether that is your home or your workplace while an interior decorator’s job is to simply decorate a place with beautiful items of furniture. So an interior would probably have to change the style and vibe of the place from project to another but an interior decorator might not need to do that whether the project is changed or not.

We currently have offices in Mumbai and Kolkata and you can head on to our ‘contact us’ page to find out more details on how to contact us on either of those offices. We always look forward to hearing from you!

We have successfully completed over a hundred projects from all over Mumbai and Kolkata. We also have worked with over eighty clients including Hindustan Unilever Limited, The Coco Cola Company, Justdial, kaya skin clinic, Fabindia, Ador Welding, DP World, Growel, Ginger, Shri Dinesh Group, Tata Motors, and various others. Our team is more clients oriented and have been working hard for the last 10 years or so in their respective area of expertise.

Our website contains our portfolio which showcases our few of the best works and you can also contact us, with the help of the details mentioned on the ‘contact us’ page, regarding any further information related to references and more information regarding our portfolio.

We are a group of interior designers who do not have specific style or vibe that we stick to but we tend to change that style according to the individual we are working with and we also try to understand the personality of the person we are working with before proceeding anything formally. This helps us in bringing your dream home or dream workplace to life and assures that you are fully satisfied with our services.