Sustainable Energy Solutions

About Us

At Neelanjan Gupto Co, we offer a complete suite of turnkey sustainable solutions – for your commercial and residential needs – under one roof. Right from waste-to-energy – the process of recovering valuable energy from waste to Electrical Vehicle (EV) Solutions – to enable mass adoption of electric vehicles from pilot projects to fully scaled-out infrastructure – we deliver a range of proven, bankable solutions to address the global need for better, more environmentally-friendly alternatives. We believe that armed with our experience and knowledge in this sector, we can make a big impact on the environmental, social and economic challenges of our time.

We are fully aware of the challenges that our client’s face and thereon, deliver tailored solutions to improve operational efficiency and reduce their environmental footprint. In our quest to tackle climate change, we can also help you save a lot of money in the long run. Our sustainable solutions are future-proof, good for your wallet and most importantly, good for our planet. Ultimately, our mandate is to kick start a real change by making organizations and/or homes more energy efficient and being a partner of choice for sustainable energy solutions. Join us and let’s create a cleaner & greener future together.

Our Wide Array of Sustainable Solutions

When it comes to sustainability-based solutions, there’s no better partner of choice than us. Let’s build a new tomorrow – Together!

Waste-to-Energy Solutions – Transforming Waste Management

Our focus on seeking better ways to manage pressing waste management problems and in helping our clients achieve strong environmental performance has led us to the development of new innovations such as our ingenious waste-to-energy solutions. We aspire to deliver improved sustainability outcomes for our customers and our communities through our award-winning environmental technology that processes waste reliably while meeting strict global environmental regulations as well. It’s time to rethink waste management so join us in helping preserve our living environment.

Electrical Vehicle (EV) Solutions – Offering Electrical Freedom

We strongly advocate that travel shouldn’t damage the earth which is why we are offering our clients provide best-in-class EV solutions thus helping facilitate a cleaner, smarter, reliable, and sustainable way of commuting. From EV charge point systems needed to enable mass adoption of electric vehicles to providing efficient after-sales service for EV’s – we support your journey to a cleaner way of driving and a low carbon future, every step of the way.

Skill Development & Health care

We live in a world where sustainability is the new buzzword. To meet today’s housing and real-estate challenges, we need to adapt constantly to environmental challenges and ecological changes. These unique challenges are addressed by our advanced, prefabricated up-cycled containers. From sustainable power generation to LED-power saver lighting, our modern modular construction ensures high energy efficiency while fulfilling contemporary spatial needs. With smart features such as an integrated smart sewage system, unisex toilet, dry pantry along with a 36-seater modular seating system, our environmentally friendly up-cycled containers can save you money while also minimizing your impact on the earth.

It needs to be mentioned that we make use of only the best, premium interior and exterior building materials which are not only 90 percent reusable but also robust & sturdy enough to last for decades. The exceptional design of our up-cycled containers means that our spaces are heat & cold resistant (insulated inside) while also ensuring we make efficient use of space in every model that we build. Moreover, with an easy one-man installation process, we are able to facilitate an exclusive energy-efficient solution that can get you fully setup on-site in as little as one day. Rest assured, you will start looking at green buildings differently.

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